AP Courses

Advanced Placement Courses that challenge students to achieve their highest potential. 


Catholic schools have historically offered a proven formula for success. Our schools build upon that foundation, using leading edge educational strategies along with time-honored techniques.


  • Guided by a supernatural vision
  • Founded on a Christian anthropology
  • Animated by communion and community
  • Imbued with a Catholic world view throughout its curriculum
  • Sustained by Gospel witness

Source: The Holy See’s Teaching on Catholic Schools

AP Program

Advanced Placement is a program for students willing to apply their inquisitiveness, ability, and persistence to a particular academic area. Intellectually stimulated students can excel in AP classes; however, the program is also beneficial to competent students who succeed through application.

College credits and / or waivers are available through most colleges and universities if a sufficiently high score is achieved on a standardized AP test given at the end of the school year. A fee for the examination is paid in lieu of college tuition for the course. Families can realize a significant economic advantage through a student’s participation in AP classes.

Venango Catholic offers AP classes in five: Biology, Calculus, Environmental Science, English Literature and Composition, and United States History. Teachers of these subjects have received College Board AP certifications. Admission to AP classes is made with permission from the instructor.

Venango Catholic embraces its long tradition of fidelity to the Gospel and educating the whole student, mind, body and spirit. Our teachers, administrators, parents and friends stand of the foundation of Christ’s teaching to assist our students in developing and practicing patterns of holiness that foster achievement and serve them for their lifetime. The values taught via experiences, modeling, self evaluation and respect prepare our students to be successful in a variety of post secondary education options, careers, and personal life events and circumstances.

Since its doors opened in 1962, over 3,000 young people have walked these halls, engaged in these classrooms, set and achieved goals, failed with the value of failure as a lesson and not a set back, and have proudly earned a Venango Catholic diploma.

To earn a Venango Catholic diploma, students must engage in a rigorous academic program of study. Our teachers and instructors collaborate to ensure courses are relevant and engaging while supporting students to master content, knowledge and skills at a high level of achievement. Advanced Placement courses in Biology, Calculus and Literature and Jesuit Virtual Learning Academy (JVLA) offerings significantly expand Advanced Placement, Computer Science/Programming, and Humanities offerings for our students.

Admissions Process

We invite perspective students and their parents to visit the school together. Meet with the Admissions Director and take a guided tour during school hours and explore all of the opportunities afforded to enrolled students via the classroom, extra-curricular, and athletic opportunities. Finish the tour with a Q&A session and by scheduling a Shadow Day.  Shadow Days can be scheduled for a half or whole day.

Venango Catholic High School encourages perspective students to become a Viking for day by shadowing a current student. Experience the classes, lunch, and atmosphere by being immersed in all things VC!

Visits and shadow days may be arranged with our Director of Admissions.

Applications are available online and our Director of Admissions is available via email and phone to assist in every aspect of the process. A completed application review is conducted by school administration.

As a distinctly Catholic school, VC welcomes students of all backgrounds and does not discriminate against qualified students based on race, religious creed, ancestry, national origin, disability or age, as required by law in the administration of its educational policies, admissions procedures, financial aid/scholarship awards, and/or any other administered programs. While fulfilling financial commitments is a requirement for continued enrollment at Venango Catholic High School, the school does not use financial information to make decisions regarding admission.

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