Wall of Fame

Venango Catholic High School has a tradition known as the Wall of Fame. Student-athletes are recognized on the Wall of Fame if they made First Team, All-Conference for any sport during their time at Venango Catholic. First Team, All-Conference athletes are nominated and voted on by the coaches of the particular sport being played in VC’s athletic conference, which is currently the Keystone Shortway Athletic Conference.

Every other year, qualifying alumni are invited to participate in a commissioning dinner at the school, during which their photo and credentials will be added to the Wall of Fame. Venango Catholic is incredibly proud of these student athletes, and looks forward to including new students in this tradition.

1000 Point Players

Player Points Year
Dave Lynch 1512 1969
Mark Garbacz 1470 1971
Mary Kay Lynch 1711 1981
Scott Eckert 1408 1982
Jean Ruby 1007 1984
Joe Anderton 1185 1984
Jay Schill 1318 1988
Theresa Galleta 1145 2001
Ryan Rhoades 1180 2001
Sarah McNellie 1122 2008
Alex Eckert 1156 2008
Eric Guth 1258 2008
Maxx Rynd 1745 2011
Ben Guth 1012 2012
Lindsay Homan 1303 2014
Taylor Moltz 1292 2015
Scott Toy 1086 2015
Devin Zagar 1217 2015
Ava Homan 1230 2016
Brady Kingston 1086 2016