Tuition & Financial Aid

Many people think that a quality, Catholic education is financially out of reach for their children, but that is just not true. VRCS has many ways to offset the cost of your child’s education – payment of tuition should never be a reason for a student not to attend VRCS.

It is important to realize that, while all families pay a standard and equal tuition amount, that tuition can be paid in several different ways. Tuition can be reached through cash payments, in financial assistance through the diocese or school, or through work-study programs.

It should also be noted that tuition only makes up about 35% of the actual cost of your child’s education. The balance is made up from our supporting parishes, from the Diocese of Erie, and from fundraising and gifts to the school.

Tuition Information:

Tuition for the 2020-2021 school year

Total Tuition: $3,670 K-8

$5,560 9-12

Transportation Fee for non-bused students : $900.00 Fee
Graduating Seniors Graduation: $125.00 Fee

Payment Plans

VRCS families have the option to pay tuition by installments. To make this process easier for families, VRCS uses FACTS Tuition Management to take advantage of scheduled automatic payments from a checking or savings account on date(s) chosen by the family. Other than “Plan A,” families must maintain a FACTS account and are responsible for the FACTS management fee, currently $42.00 per year.

For information on how to register and make payments through Facts please go to the following link:

Plans Details
Plan A The family pays in full directly to VRCS on or before July 1. This is the only payment plan that does not require the use of a FACTS account.
Plan B The family pays in full after July 1 and before the end of the school year.
Plan C The family pays in two equal installments due in July and January.
Plan D The family pays in four equal installments due in July, October, January, and April..
Plan E The family pays in eleven equal installments with the first payment in July and the last payment in May. The family may choose either the 5th or the 20th of the month for the payment.

Financial Aid & Tuition Assistance Programs

Venango Catholic High School’s most important financial aid policy is that the ability to pay tuition does not influence a student’s admission to the school. In cases of financial hardship, the school will work with families to develop a manageable and equitable tuition arrangements.

Diocesan Financial Aid

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Erie provides hundreds of thousands of dollars of financial aid to Catholic school families each year, including VC families. Using one application, families can apply for two diocesan financial aid programs: the Bishop’s Tuition Assistance Program and the STAR Foundation Tuition Assistance Program. For more information regarding diocesan financial aid, please consult the diocesan website.

The Bishop Edward P. McManaman Scholarship

Venango Catholic High School awards scholarships to students based on available funds and demonstrated financial need. To be considered for this scholarship, families must apply for diocesan financial aid as indicated above. The scholarship is named for Bishop Edward P. McManaman, who spearheaded the efforts to open Venango Catholic High School in the 1960s.


SCRIP is a tuition rebate program. With SCRIP fundraising, members purchase gift cards from some of America’s favorite retailers at regular face value through SCRIP. A percentage of each gift card purchase comes back to Venango Catholic High School, which passes the percentage on to the families directly in the form of a tuition reduction. Extended family and friends can help too – all they need to do is indicate which VC family should receive the credit. For additional information and to see a list of participating retailers and the rebate percentages, consult the Great Lakes SCRIP Center website

The Children’s Scholarship Fund of Pennsylvania

The Clarion-based Children’s Scholarship Fund of Pennsylvania pursues Pennsylvania business tax credit scholarships through the Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) and Opportunity Scholarship Tax Credit (OSTC) programs and awards scholarships to students in Clarion county and the surrounding region. For more information, consult the Children’s Scholarship Fund website.