Student Life

Student Life

Having a unique 3-point perspective on Student Life at VC as an alum, parent, and teacher there, it is somehow more difficult to put into words all that a VC education…or perhaps better tagged VC experience… entails. While the academics are the finest in the region and challenging to all levels of ability and need, this is not the only aspect of student life that prepares our students and makes a difference in their lives. Nothing is more satisfying than to watch each student unfold over the four years from often unsure and awkward freshmen to confident and courageous seniors who have finally become more comfortable with who they are and who they want to become.

One of the best qualities of student life is the environment of tolerance and learning that you can be accepted for the unique person you are. VC is a nurturing kind of home away from home where the family feeling extends to the teachers and students. “It takes a whole village to raise a child” is the concept, and this VC village nurtures mind, body, and spirit to prepare the next generation of doers and believers. I have witnessed and participated in this year after year and am eternally grateful my youngest had the gift and opportunity to attend and cherish her VC experience.

The old saying “Time flies when you’re having fun” could be rewritten to “Time flies when you’re at VC” because every year the seniors bemoan the fact that their time there is drawing to an end and we teachers gaze around in disbelief that another year has passed and another group is moving on when it seemed like yesterday they entered our doors on opening day. I often look forward to holiday seasons and the many alum visitors who stop in to make the rounds and update faculty and friends on the direction of their lives.

Trying to explain the VC experience to prospective students and parents is such a difficult task because you cannot really know VC until you have lived it. I did not know my own alma mater until I became a teacher there and started to become part of this special place I now call home.. where the heart is, mine, the students, the parents, the staff, and most importantly Christ’s.

Cindy Eckert, VCHS teacher, Class of ’71