The Venango Region Catholic School has available a part-time position for a Learning Support Teacher (LST).

The Venango Region Catholic School has available a part-time position for a Learning Support Teacher (LST). This teacher will work primarily within the two (2) elementary schools located in Franklin and Oil City Pa. The LST will focus on the provision of supplementary teaching to students who require additional help. They will work with students in groups or one-to-one, either in the classroom or in a learning support room.

The LST work involves planning and implementing effective teaching strategies, liaising with parents, staff and other relevant professionals. They are closely linked with and may share duties with other support staff in the building.

Self-motivation, organization, creativity and enthusiasm are vital qualities in the role as each student is an individual and therefore may require individualized ways of outreach to enable the student learn and reach their full potential.

Job requirements:

  • Helping students to cope with and overcome problems that arise because of learning difficulties.
  • Developing and fostering the appropriate skills to enable the optimum development of students.
  • Encouraging students to develop self-confidence and independence, and to reach their potential.
  • Adapting to a wide variety of teaching methods to meet individual needs.
  • Possible use of audio-visual materials and computers to stimulate interest and learning.
  • Assessing and recording children’s progress.
  • Working as a team-member within the wider school staff and liaising with other relevant individuals.

Work Conditions:

Travel: This position will require travel among the three schools: Saint Patrick located in Franklin and Saint Stephen and Venango Catholic located in Oil City Pa.

Working hours: Vary depending on school amount of students. Typical week schedule will be a 6 ½ hr. work day, 4 days a week; Monday – Thursday.

Qualifications Requirement:

The LST is required to have either a primary or secondary level teacher certification. Special consideration will be given to those applicants that have their special education certification.

Candidates must be able to receive all necessary clearances. For additional information or submit your resume please contact Carol Long at St. Patrick School (814) 432-8689 or

Venango Regional Catholic School is an EOE

Job Type: Part-time