Clubs & Activities

Clubs & Activities

Activity Periods

Activity Periods are used to allow students to experience something outside of regular classroom activities and to facilitate a time for those students who need a PE credit to participate in gym, yoga, weightlifting, fencing or walking for fitness. The activities are based on the interests of the teachers and at times even the student. We offer all kinds of things from photography to Science Olympiad.

The forty minute block is also a great time for students to seek out extra help from teachers and support staff, or to make up tests or quizzes that they may have missed due to absence.

Current activities include:

  • SAT Math Prep (Fall)
  • Walking for Fitness (All Year)
  • Gym (All Year)
  • Weights (All Year)
  • Study Hall (All Year)
  • Literary Experience (All Year)
  • Fencing (Spring)
  • Science Olympiad
  • Academic Competition Team (Includes Math Competition and Academic Bowl Teams–Also All Year)

Other Activities

Math Competition

Students take in-house tests in order to form a team and practice for math competitions at Clarion University and IUP. Students compete against a large number of students from area schools.

Faculty Advisor(s): Mr. Bair


Science Olympiad

Based on pre-determined categories, students compete in one or more Olympiad category against students from other schools. This competition takes place at Penn State Behrend.

Faculty advisor(s): Mrs. Cook & Mr. Bair


Lit Festival

YSU holds an English Festival each year that brings in authors to speak to over a thousand students from schools in Ohio and Pennsylvania. The students who attend are required to read seven books and have the option of participating in pre-festival competitions. At the festival students have the chance to compete and/or participate in many different activities.

Faculty advisor(s): Mrs. Eckert

Westinghouse Program

This is a program run through the University of Pittsburgh. It requires students to spend several Saturdays at various lectures.

Faculty Advisor(s): Mrs. Cook


Art festival

Each year students puts together an art exhibit to showcase artwork created throughout the year.

Faculty Advisor(s): Mrs. Frost


Self Directed Research / Independent Study

Independent study is an avenue that allows students to learn more in an area of particular interest. In the past we have had students study areas such as the Vietnam War, World War II and Arthurian Legend. Both the Lit Journal and Yearbook are run as part of the Independent study program.

Faculty Advisor(s): Mr. Slider and a faculty advisor chosen on a per-class basis.